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Welcome to our revamped site!
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Shop In Buy A Soldier A Shower!

Buy A Soldier A Shower!
We've been running our "buy a soldier a shower" campaign since we were a teeny little soap company - people gave us a buck and we sent a soap to a soldier deployed overseas on their behalf. Troop leaders ask for care packages, and it's crazy how many of them ask for soap. I mean, okay, we understand a lot of military equipment is budget-busting, but SOAP? Well. Soap is what we do, so how could we let soldiers be dirty?
The soldiers also ask for powder, so we've got some of that for them too, because we can. :)
We want our troops to come home safely, and smelling better than they did when they left!
Your contribution will buy the troops a brief respite from the harsh reality they’re immersed in over there. Let us know if you want us to include your name/email info when we ship off the order, the soldiers often send personal thank yous if they have the time and wherewithal. :)
We pay for all shipping to the troops; you're just paying for the product. :)

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