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Holiday Shipping!

Hi, BubbleHeads! The holidays are hitting us hot and heavy, so I want to give all y'all a heads-up vis-a-vis getting your order to you before the 24th.


30 NOVEMBER - INTERNATIONAL - if you place an order beyond this date we cannot guarantee timely Christmas delivery. As the Magic 8 Ball says, signs point to yes, but as *we* says, there are too many variables when at the mercy of two shipping services.

9 DECEMBER - DOMESTIC - we've got a couple of days of wiggle room if you opt for Priority Mail, you're in the Lower 48, and there isn't a crazypants weather event going on between us and you. But honestly, why wait? Buy now, avoid disappointment!

If you're past your cutoff date, but you REALLY want it naoooow, contact us to discuss ludicrously expensive shipping options.

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Soap for Squares Traditional Triangle Bath Soap
We call our traditional soaps "Soap for Squares" partly because they're traditional, but also because it tickles us that there are no square soaps in this collection! This hefty triangle is a soothing lavender scent, and like the others, has a mellow castile base. Learn More

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Girlie Man Ultra-Rich Shea Butter Soap
Finally, there’s a strong yet sensitive fella who doesn’t live in the world of movies, but can reside right in your soap dish. Learn More

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